Science Instructional Material Reviews, a partner of the CalCurriculum project, began reviewing science materials this year to empower districts with information to choose high-quality, aligned curriculum designed to meet the new standards. The organization conducted a comprehensive process, including working closely with expert science educators to develop a review rubric with criteria and indicators that embrace the innovations in the NGSS.

The EdReports science review rubric evaluates for the NGSS design including:

  1. The three dimensions of learning and assessment: disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and scientific and engineering practices
  2. The role of scientific phenomena and engineering problems in the learning process
  3. Coherent learning progressions with a focus on access for all students  

These science reviews can provide a crucial entry point for districts making decisions about science curriculum because they help indicate what high-quality science materials look like and empower district leaders with clear evidence about standards alignment and usability.

Timeline for additional CalCurriculum supports:

November 2018: California science instructional materials recommendations published.

Winter 2018: EdReports middle school science reviews and additional science resources published.

Fall 2019: EdReports K-5 science reviews and additional middle school reviews likely to be published.