November 4, 2019

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July 18, 2019

Going “Off List” with Open Educational Resources (OER)

Going “Off List” in California means adopting and implementing instructional materials that are not on the State Board of Education (SBE) list of approved instructional materials. As the California Department of Education (CDE) has moved from a model of oversight to one of supportive accountability, a shift has occurred in its role in instructional materials adoption. These shifts allow districts greater autonomy in selecting their materials. Keep Reading

July 10, 2019

Open educational resources: Tips for educators and administrators

To better understand how open educational resources (OER) are used in California, we interviewed over a dozen teachers, district administrators and OER content developers and distributors about why they adopted, created, and use OER. Read more to learn about the benefits of OER and helpful tips around additional considerations for adoption OER materials.  if adopting OER materials.

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Placer Math Implementation Workshop Registration

Calcurriculum is excited to offer a two-day, grant-funded workshop this September to help districts identify opportunities and strategies to improve their math program implementation in partnership with Placer County Office of Education and the Region 3 Math and Science Community of Practice.


As the Statewide System of Support and the California School Dashboard continue to grow, districts need targeted supports that align with continuous improvement strategies. This free workshop is designed help county offices, districts, and charter management organizations refine district implementation of math materials in alignment with continuous improvement strategies.

Register your district’s team today. This workshop supports Tier 1 for all districts or can be a targeted support for districts designated for assistance.

Participants will investigate their instructional materials, consider possible adaptations or supplemental materials, and plan for how to improve the math program in their schools. The workshop is free and meals will be provided however participants will need to cover their own travel, hotel, and other incidental costs. Want a preview of what we’ll cover in the workshop? Check out our Implementation Guide

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