Re-imagining Your Math Adoption: Selecting New Materials for a Generation of Learners

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Onboarding webinar for selected districts: Late August 2020

6 full-day synchronous virtual sessions during the 20-21 school year (Dates TBD)

Asynchronous virtual work and check-ins between the sessions

Learning Scope & Sequence: Here

Informational Flyer: Here


Location: Virtual - Will need to be able to join 6 full-day synchronous video conferences.



Your team needs to be available to attend the full virtual learning sequence.

District/CMOs must be able to commit teams of 4-8 people, including at least one member from each of the 3 categories:
*District Leadership (Superintendent, CAO, Director of Curriculum, etc)
*School Instructional Leadership (Principals, APs, Coaches, etc)
*Classroom Leadership (Teachers).

Additional Information: We will be developing the dates for the 6 full-day virtual sessions in consultation with the districts selected for the cohort. There will also be asynchronous work and check-ins between the synchronous sessions.