Key Questions

  1. What do the evidence, the California Department of Education's list, and EdReport’s reviews say about each set of materials?
  2. How could the identified strengths support your teachers’ understanding and implementation of standards-aligned materials?
  3. What steps would you and your team need to take to fill any identified gaps?
  4. Have you read the Publisher’s Criteria for Math to understand the key characteristics that materials should have, to meet the demands of the standards and the instructional shifts?
  5. Consider your current structures: are students in your high school(s) experiencing an integrated (Integrated I, II, III) or traditional (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II) high school math program?
  6. How could adopting a comprehensive set of high school math materials support vertical coherence across the grades?


The Shifts
Support for English Language Learners
Leverage CCSESA's Toolkit