Selecting instructional materials is one of the most critical decisions a district will make. Ensuring that those materials are aligned to California's standards and meet the needs of your district can be overwhelming, particularly when examining a crowded marketplace. Our adoption guidance helps districts prioritize time while maximizing choice.

California leads the country in its articulation of the importance of considering the needs of English language learners when selecting materials, and our guidance is designed to help districts make effective selections for programs that serve all students. Regardless of the adoption content area, districts should ensure that their team has familiarity with the English Language Development Framework. Placing your adoption work in the context of the English Language Development Framework can be good professional development for your teachers as well.


Adoption Guidance

1. Understand district needs
2. Clearly identify district priorities, parameters, and a decision-making process
3. Engage educators early and often and clearly define roles for educators within the process
4. Engage community members
5. Winnow choices based on standards alignment
6. Review for ELD standards and shifts
7. Apply local priorities
8. Make a decision
9. Create a rollout and implementation plan