Why Instructional Materials Matter

Instructional materials can have as large an impact on student outcomes as teaching quality. However, teachers, schools, and districts often lack trusted, transparent information about the quality of the materials and tools they use to guide instruction. This lack of information becomes problematic in the current materials’ landscape where dozens of titles claim alignment to standards. Current guidance provided by the California Department of Education supports local decision making by including many state-adopted materials that districts can adopt. However, many districts are struggling to make decisions because they need more information to identify which high-quality instructional materials best align with district goals and needs.

The California Curriculum Collaborative is a partnership that provides independent, educator-led reviews that help districts, schools, and teachers identify quality materials for use in California classrooms. We provide guidance on the California curriculum adoption process, detailed reviews of instructional materials, and guidance on complying with California regulations. These resources have been designed to support districts in selecting the highest-quality instructional materials aligned to local goals and context.

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