What Educators Are Saying

"Curriculum shapes the instruction that happens in the classroom. The good news is that schools and teachers no longer need to accept materials that are less than par or fail to align closely to their state’s standards. Many more excellent materials have come to market and decision-makers have a powerful tool in EdReports to help them know which ones are worth their time and which programs they should avoid."

– Sue Pimentel and Jason Zimba, lead writers of the Common Core State Standards

“I’m a California high school math teacher of 15 years and I know the critical importance of having the right materials in teachers’ and students’ hands. With high quality materials, teachers are empowered to support students in critical thinking, problem solving, and 21st century skills.

"I see schools and districts grapple with the challenge of evaluating dozens of instructional materials in order to find high quality curricula. It is no small task. This site helps to meet the growing demand from counties, districts, schools, and teachers for the thoughtful analysis contained in these reports.”

– Carolyn Viss, Director, Stanislaus County Office of Education

“Districts face a tremendous decision making responsibility that will impact a generation of students; making informed decisions is critical. This website offers tools and resources that are critical to the process of instructional materials adoption from selection to adaptation. With no instructional materials being absolutely perfect for all students, the resources on this site can be instrumental in helping make informed decisions for selecting instructional materials and then for adapting the materials that are chosen.”

– Jody Guarino, NBCT, Ed.D., Mathematics Coordinator, Instructional Services – Office of Academic Content, Orange County Department of Education

“California requires high quality materials that meet the needs of our diverse learners – materials that challenge our most proficient learners and ensure every student attains college, career, and civics readiness. Since this is a decision of immense importance to our children's future, we need to make the most informed decision possible. EdReports' detailed reports allow teachers and district leaders to focus their attention on the needs of their students and find those materials that will help their students excel.”

– Karin Foster, Language and Literacy Coordinator, Office of Academic Content, Orange County Department of Education

“The use of high quality instructional materials maximizes the potential for learning by enriching and supporting teacher efficacy, thus guaranteeing all students access to rich learning opportunities directly aligned to state standards.”

– Lisa Maglic, Curriculum & Instruction, ELA 7-12, Fresno Unified School District

"As schools provide instructional support in developing proficiency in English language and literacy for English Language Learners, exceptional and quality materials are needed to meet the needs of CCSS and the CA ELD Standards. The more program and material details available for schools and districts, the more quality of a program can be ensured for adoption and the success of students literacy needs in building proficiency."

– Kim Hanley, English and Social Science Teacher, ELA 6-8, Capistrano Unified School District

About This Site

Instructional materials that claim to be standards-aligned have saturated the market. Yet we know many of those claims have not been verified by a reliable source, and to look beyond the label takes hundreds of hours of review per title. In California, the Department of Education has maximized local decision-making by adopting a multitude of programs for use in ELA and math, in addition to permitting districts to select off-list materials.

The California Curriculum Collaborative, a partnership of EdReports.org and Pivot Learning, provides independent, educator-led reviews of instructional materials that support California districts, schools, and educators as they make critical decisions about the materials that are best for their teachers and students. Click here to learn about our approach to reviewing materials and here for additional tips on using EdReports reviews as part of your district adoption process.

Q&A: How EdReports.org Helps Educators Identify High-Quality Materials 


EdReports.org is an independent nonprofit designed to improve K-12 education. EdReports.org increases the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest-quality instructional materials. Drawing upon expert educators, EdReports.org' evidence-rich reviews of instructional materials and support of smart adoption processes equip teachers with excellent materials nationwide.

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Pivot Learning is the largest and most experienced nonprofit technical assistance provider for school districts in California. Our mission is to revitalize our public school systems so that all students have the opportunity to succeed in college and career. We partner with education leaders at all levels and provide the knowledge, skills, and support proven to strengthen educational systems and transform teaching and learning. Pivot works across three key areas: teaching and learning, leadership development, and equitable education spending.

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